GJC Pakistan (Private) Limited


Gloria Jean’s Coffees is fuelled by our passion for great coffee. What makes our taste unique is our dedication to serving the highest quality coffee to our guests. Our baristas are expertly trained and all our coffee is roasted in our state-of-the-art facility in Sydney by master roasters. There are over 30 varieties of single origin blends, infusions, flavoured and decaffeinated whole bean coffees. Gloria Jean’s Coffees offers quality hand-crafted hot and cold beverages, from classics like Cappuccino and Iced Latté to signature drinks like Chocolate Macadamia Latté and Very Vanilla Chiller. At Gloria Jean’s, we have something for everyone.

DISCLAIMER:   In Pakistan, Gloria Jean’s Coffees core product range consists of coffees and flavoured drinks, whose recipes and pricing are closely regulated and nationally standardized. However, as regards bakery and kitchen items, individual outlets either manufacture or purchase products independently, and determine product range and set prices themselves.


Our Espresso Bar serves hand-crafted hot beverages, made from our proprietary coffee blends. Our range consists of all-time classics like Cappuccino and Macchiato to specialties like Caramelatte and Chocolate Macadamia Latté.

* All the prices are exclusive of taxes.
* Calories are in ( ) with prices, Standard Recipes


Our Chiller Bar offers refreshing chillers like Strawberries N Cream, Very Vanilla Chiller and the legendary Cookies N Cream Espresso Chiller. We also serve non-blended iced coffees, fruit chillers and smoothies, flavored iced tea and a selection of chocolate chillers.

* All the prices are exclusive of taxes.
* Calories are in ( ) with prices, Standard Recipes


  • Master Franchisee Gloria Jean’s Coffees International, 25-B/2
    Mian Mehmood Ali Kasuri Road
    Gulberg III Lahore - Pakistan