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Gloria Jean’s Coffees is one of the world’s biggest premium coffee chains. Based in Australia, it operates more than 600 outlets in over 32 countries.

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Gloria Jean’s Coffees: At Gloria Jean’s Coffees, flavour is in our DNA. From that first store that was opened by Gloria Jean Kvetko in Chicago, Illinois back in 1979, to the stores in operation across 32 countries today, we’ve been on a mission to bring flavour to the world of coffee.

A diverse coffee heritage: We believe that bringing flavour to the world starts with finding the best flavour in the world. We source our coffee beans from the world’s best coffee-growing regions: Africa, Asia, and the Americas. From robust roasts to lighter delicate blends, we believe that every cup of coffee we serve should begin with unmistakable flavour on farms and forests that follow sustainable practices. That cup of coffee you love is playing its part for our forests, our climate, and the livelihoods and welfare of people around the world.

The flavour is in everything we do: Our commitment to flavour flows through everything we blend, from our cosy hot drinks to our Chillers and over-ice beverages. It’s baked into our delicious food items too, and perhaps most importantly, into who we are as people. Our kind of flavour means character, personality, and flair. We know that when we bring our diverse flavours to the table, we create something bigger than just coffee—we create a safe space where we can all connect and belong.

In 2006, Rashid Ali Khan, a Pakistani-born Australian businessman and entrepreneur, purchased the rights to bring Gloria Jean’s Coffees to Pakistan. Rashid’s vision was to introduce world-class coffee in Pakistan, and to enable the development of a coffee culture here.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees began operations in Pakistan in 2007. Today, it is by far the largest international coffee chain in the country, with over 40 outlets in more than a dozen cities. By any measure, the expansion of Gloria Jean’s Coffees in Pakistan has been nothing short of remarkable. When it began, tea-mad Pakistanis knew little about coffee, and nothing about Gloria Jean’s.

Today, Pakistan boasts a vibrant and sophisticated coffee culture, and Gloria Jean’s is broadly acknowledged here as the catalyst for this development. There have been many challenges along the way, but there is no doubt that, in Pakistan, Gloria Jean’s Coffees has established for itself an enviable reputation for excellence and professionalism.

GJC Pakistan Private Limited is the Master Franchisee for Gloria Jean’s Coffees in Pakistan.

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Gloria Jean’s Coffees – Commitments

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Rainforest Alliance

Gloria Jean’s Coffees collaborates with the Rainforest Alliance by purchasing a selection of coffee and cocoa for their products from Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms. The Rainforest Alliance was created to help protect ecosystems and support communities and wildlife which depend on them.

Taking a holistic approach, the Rainforest Alliance works to ensure just wages, health and education for farmers, workers and their families, sustainable agricultural practices and, above all, conservation of bio-diversity and animal habitats.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees is one of the world’s largest roasters and distributors of Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee. It has even been honored by the Alliance for its extraordinary commitment to sustainability.